Group Visits


+20 pax 45 min2,50/3,50 € pax

Come to know how  the salt of Aveiro "is born", obtained through the millenarian method still present today in active salt fields. Unique experience, in the socializing with the marnoto, in the combination of leisure spaces in a traditional place of work, in the observation of the characteristic birds and in the use of the first salinic spa of the country.


Depends on weather conditions


+20 pax 45 min5,50/11 € pax

Discover the city, through its urban channels, aboard a secular boat, the moliceiro.  Tour with a guide that will explain the whole history of the city from the umbilical link of the city to its channels.


+20 pax 60 min

Come and ride the most beautiful tourist train in the city, accompanied by a guide who will have a whole of explanation for each point. Pass through the most interesting places in the city, not forgetting the salt navies and the architectural complex of the University of Aveiro.

Workshop Soap Handmade

+20 pax 45 min2 € pax

Come and discover the differences between a craft production and an industrial soap production, as well, as its historical and social contextualization to the present day. The visit also includes the creation of a mini soap by filling forms with glycerine.


- Offer of the soap created by each participant.


+20 pax 45 min2 € pax

Learn how to make Sweet Eggs with one who knows. Visit a place of manufacture of Ovos Moles, the typical sweet of Aveiro, learn how they are made and all the historical surroundings of these conventual sweets. Without missing the final test and the tasting of the candy.

Emotions Park

+20 pax 90 min3.90/4.90 € pax

"Through the Emotions Park"- Guided visits through the theme park, that go through the description of the various symbolic elements of the buildings, gardens and the development of dynamics with visitors, in the area of the emotional and social skills, based on the literary and on the work of the founder of the Place of Affection.


+20 pax 90 min5 € pax

Funceramics is an innovative concept of a recover of an old industrial space. It Contains a film viewing about the production of old black pieces, the crisis of 1383-85, the socio-economic context of  that time and the traditional activities of the Pottery. Also shown are works on the Wheel of Potter with an old fado songs and a theatre".

Museu do Brincar - Toys Museum

+20 pax 60 min3 € pax

Take a day to play with your children and visit the Museu do Brincar in Vagos, close to Aveiro.

Take your kids to participate in the various activities and to see the huge collection of toys that museum has.

The Museu of Brincar is a place for all ages, where the whole imagination of toys and play is within reach of children and adults.


Pedestrian Tours

+20 pax 60 min2/3 € pax

Walking Tours continue to be the best alternative to get to know the city. With passages through the historic center, the typical neighborhood of Beira-Mar and the main squares and gardens, you will have the opportunity and the experience to discover a city with millenarian traditions.