School Trips

Salt Fields Experience

+20 pax 45 min 2,50 € pax

Come to learn how the white "gold" of Aveiro is born. Adaptation of a traditional salt ponds for the teaching of salt crystallization and all elements associated with the process. Tour accompanied by tourism guide, with adaptation of the various contents to different audiences.




Workshop Ovos Moles

+20 pax 45 min 2,75 € pax

Space dedicated to the region's best known candy. Visualization of a video explaining the history of the sweet and workshop on the confection where children are invited to create and taste the Ovos Moles de Aveiro.

Moliceiro Ride

+20 pax 45 min 6,0 € pax

The experience of getting to know the city on board of a moliceiro, typical boat of the Ria de Aveiro, with explanation of an touristic guide. Touristic tour in the urban channels t with all security.


- We have life jackets for the youngest.

Museu do Brincar - Toys Museum

+20 pax 60 min 3 € pax

Take a day to play with your children and visit the Museu do Brincar in Vagos, close to Aveiro.

Take your kids to participate in the various activities and to see the huge collection of toys that museum has.

The Museu of Brincar is a place for all ages, where the whole imagination of toys and play is within reach of children and adults.

Touristic Train

+20 pax 60 min 6,5 € pax

Come aboard of the Touristic Train and you will discover everything that makes this city a unique and special place. 

The train will passage through the most interesting places in the city, not forgetting the salt fields and  the architectural complex of the University of Aveiro.

 The tour has a guide will all the explanation.

Pedagogical Farm

+16 pax 120 min 5 € pax

Located 10 minutes from the center of Aveiro, here you can carry out, with your school group, all the tasks associated with a farm with animals, part of cultivation without forgetting the radical activities of arborismo.

Place of Affection

+20 pax 90 min 3,90 € pax

"Emotions Park" - Dynamizing of Affection Games, in large format and group dynamics, using specific rooms created for this purpose in some of the buildings of the park or free space in the gardens. For the Affection Games, an adaptation to the age groups and objectives defined for each activity is developed.


+20 pax 60 min 3 € pax

Let's stick our hands in the dough, make a piece, paint it and bring it as a souvenir from Aveiro. Funceramics is an innovative concept of recovery of an old industrial space. Here we can carry out pedagogical activities, linked to traditional pottery and pottery. Home


One piece offer per visitor

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Workshop Soap Handmade

+20 pax 45 min 2 € pax

Come and discover the differences between a craft production and an industrial soap production, as well, as its historical and social contextualization to the present day. The younger ones have an opportunity to create their mini-soap.


 - Offer of the soap created by each participant.

Boat Trips by the Ria of Aveiro

+35 pax 60 min 6,50 € pax

This route contemplates the passage by the old and current fishing vessels of codfish and the once great Shipyards of Naval Construction. You can also catch a glimpse of the Barra Fort, the Santo André Ship Museum and the Oudinot Garden. The trip also includes a passage through the Air Base of São Jacinto, the parish of São Jacinto and the Farol da Barra.

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PLACE OF AFFECTS Home from € 3.50 / pax. | min. 1h30m Home

MUSEUM OF THE PLAYING Home from € 2 / pax. | min. 1h Home